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Nptech skypecast agenda

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Nptech Skypecast Notes



Date/Time: Wednesday, 1/24 @ 8am (Pacific)


Location: Skypecast







0. Quick round of intros (it's great to know who we're talking to)



1. What do we want to learn from the existing nptech data?




2. Is it reasonable for us to talk about how the tagging project can inform a taxonomy?

--- why do we want a taxonomy anyone?

--- are there exisiting taxonomies (we have one at TechSoup and I'd guess that telecentres.org has one too) that we might build on?

--- how would this inform directories like Capaciteria or TechFinder



3. Do we think that the nptech tag can inform this taxonomy?

--- How?

--- Add anything to the data we want? Questions we might have that the data could inform?




4. Are there other ways that we can use the nptech tag so that it can be more useful?

--- Check out some of the various thoughts about why it isn't working?

--- how do the events, say, bookmarked in del.icio.us match up to the events in upcoming and the photos in flickr? Do we want them too?

--- How does this relate to the search that was set up?



--- Need to inform this w/ links to appropriate stuff.




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